Mindfulness: Focusing a Full Mind in Everyday Life

By Lynn Acquafondata

"Mindfulness doesn’t mean emptying one’s mind of all thoughts and feelings. It means becoming very aware of one’s full mind (mind-FULL-ness), then learning to focus the mind for beneficial purposes." [Read More...]


When Social Media Interferes with Spiritual Values 

"The use of social media by churches and congregations can increase outreach and connection with a wide audience. However it can also lead to some spiritual missteps that damage religious communities and turn us away from our values... " [Read More]

Grounding Self and Congregation in the Midst of Turmoil 

By Lynn Acquafondata 

"Aren’t congregations supposed to be peaceful havens amidst the turmoil of life? At their best congregations take the conflicts and struggles from the world and transform them in healing and productive ways. But in order to do this, they need to connect to the violence, betrayal and despair in our world. The most transformative congregations are not harmonious refuges isolated from the outside world, but connected places where energy can shift in healing ways..." [Read More.] 

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Why Chipping Away at Your Problems Beats the Quick Fix

By Lynn Acquafondata 

"Like a room with peeling and fading paint, life’s problems have a way of building so slowly it can be hard to notice the point when things go from difficult but manageable to overwhelming or even crisis." 

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Coping Effectively When Friends Walk Away in Your Time of Need

By Lynn Acquafondata

"Life can feel unpredictable and out of one’s control when suffering from a serious illness or grieving the death of a family member or close friend. The loss becomes even harder when friends or family members avoid you as though you might infect them with cancer or congestive heart failure. [Read More...]"

When Grief or Illness Ends a Friendship. Does It Have to Happen? 

By Lynn Acquafondata 

"One of the worst aspects of facing a terminal illness or coping with daily life following the death of a loved one can be losing friendships as a result. [Read More...]

The Body Remembers What You'd Rather Forget

By Kristen Massey 

"When we talk about trauma, what we are talking about is much more complex than just the “memory” the way we typically think of it. Our muscular, endocrine, respiratory, and nervous systems are all put on alert during stressful events in order to help protect us. [Read More...]"

What is Different about Bipolar Disorder in Young People

By Susan de Navarrete

"Bipolar disorder in this age group has gained increasing attention in the last 5 years or so.  To begin, it’s important to recognize that bipolar disorder is, in fact, a disorder of young people.  The median age of onset is typically in the mid-to-late teens. [Read More...]"


Are You Taking the Direct Route in Your Relationships? 

by Lynn Acquafondata

"Any relationship––with family members, romantic partners, friends, or coworkers––involves disagreements. A disagreement is a kind of roadblock. Some roadblocks are easy to clear, while others take more work. [Read More...]"

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Address Your Stress 

By Lynn Acquafondata 

"How do you respond when something happens that you didn’t predict and don’t like? The other day I was in a great mood until  I opened the mail. There on the top of the stack I saw, the dreaded, Jury Summons. [Read more...] "


Attaining Personal Goals 

By Lynn Acquafondata 

"Would you like something in your life to change? Are you hoping for improved communication or a better relationship with your partner, children or parents? For better health? To complete a project?  To identify a new focus? To feel more connected to others or God? [Read More...]"


What Can I Say or Do to Help a Grieving Family Member or Friend?

By Lynn Acquafondata

"When someone we know and care about experiences the death of a close family member or friend, we want to be supportive and offer comfort, but we might not know how. Sometimes we inadvertently make things worse in the things we say or don’t say. [Read More...]?"


Introduction to Understanding Trauma 

By Kristen Massey 

"Almost everyone has had some degree of traumatic experience in their lives and yet few people actually understand what trauma is or how it affects them and their loved ones. Trauma is not something that happens only to soldiers suffering from war-related PTSD symptoms. Most people have unprocessed traumatic experiences and memories ... [Read More...]"


How to Tell if You're Struggling with Depression

By Susan De Navarrete

"We all like to think we can handle everything in our lives without the help of others.  Sometimes that is just not possible. How do you know you are struggling with depression that you can’t handle alone?  Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself. [Read More...]"

Hearing Others: What Happens when You Listen Deeply 

By Lynn Acquafondata

“Did you hear me?!!”  “You aren’t looking at me.” “I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, can’t you just listen to me?!!” Listening is central to communication, but it is often challenging. [Read More...]

Make and Break and Celebrate New Year's Resolutions

By Lynn Acquafondata

"It’s time for the annual making and breaking of New Year’s resolutions. Whether you are successful or not, there can be a lot of value in this process. It typically starts with the annual year-end review. We look back over the past 12 months. We evaluate, celebrate, grieve, let go and plan for the year to come. [Read More...]"

Self-Care & Therapy 

By Lynn Acquafondata

"In our high intensity society, many of the basic strategies for taking care of oneself are routinely pushed aside. These include things like eating regular and healthy meals, getting enough sleep, exercising, taking time to relax with friends and family. [Read More...]"

What Time is it? 

By Mary Dombeck

"A child wonders why summer vacation goes by so fast, and a few months later why it takes so long for Christmas to come.Time seems to fly when lovers are together and to crawl when they are apart. [Read More...]"

Texting and Relationship: When to Give Yourself a Ticket

By Lynn Acquafondata 

"We all know that texting and driving is hazardous, though some choose to do it anyhow. Most people however don’t realize how dangerous it is to text during a significant relationship. You won’t die, but your relationship might. Texting during relationship is more nuanced than texting while driving. [Read More...]"