Effective Leadership Workshop Fridays 

 for Clergy and Lay-Leaders with 

 Rev. Dr. Lynn M.   Acquafondata, LMHC       9:30-2:30      

 Jan. 12th  

Grief Issues and Leadership 

  • Learn to recognize typical grief patterns and how they affect functioning. 
  •  Learn techniques to minister to those who are grieving. 
  •  Learn how to process one’s own grief effectively while ministering to others.   

 March 9th    

Managing Anxiety in Congregations 

  • Learn the signs of congregational anxiety and tools to manage that anxiety. 
  • Learn ways to manage anxiety in self.Draws on the work of family and congregational systems theorists as well as Rev. Lynn’s own models.   

 May 4th         

Communication and Conflict Resolution in the Congregation 

  • Learn models of effective communication. 
  •  Learn strategies for managing difficult relationships. 
  •  Explore how power dynamics affect communication. 
  •  Explore the dynamics of setting boundaries.   

 Cost:    $75 per congregation plus $10 per person (Free workshop specials available.) 

Location: 1010 East Ave next to Asbury First United Methodist Church (red brick building) 

Schedule: 9:30-2:30 with 45 minute lunch-break for building connections. Bring your own lunch. Coffee and tea provided.  Refrigerator available. 

Registration: Register here. 

Questions:  Contact Rev. Lynn at 585-330-1340 or acquafondatal@gmail.com