Clergy Study Fridays are an opportunity for clergy of any faith to learn, reflect and share with people who face similar joys and challenges. Study days are aimed at education, self-reflection and connection with other clergy. When we set aside time to personally and spiritually strengthen ourselves we are better able to serve others.

For: Ordained clergy, chaplains, students and lay pastors serving a congregation. 


Jan. 12th: Leading Through Grief

  • Learn to recognize typical grief patterns and how they affect people’s functioning.
  • Learn techniques to pastor those who are grieving.
  • Learn how to process one’s own grief and effectively while ministering to others.


March 9th: Managing Anxiety in Congregations

  • Learn the signs of congregational anxiety and tools to manage that anxiety.
  • Learn ways to manage anxiety in self.
  • Draws on the work of family and congregational systems theorists as well as Rev. Lynn’s own models.

May 4th: Communication and Conflict Resolution in the Congregation

  • Learn models of effective communication.
  • Learn strategies for managing difficult relationships.
  • Explore how power dynamics affect communication.
  • Discuss the dynamics of setting boundaries.


To register: Call Rev. Lynn or send a check made out to MHCG.


Mail  to: Rev. Dr. Lynn Acquafondata, PCFT Group, Crossbridge Office Park, 2000 S. Winton Rd., Building 4, Ste 200, Brighton, NY 14618. 

Please list your name, the congregation you serve or chaplaincy, student etc., and which workshop(s) you are signing up for.

Cost: $85 per workshop.

For more about Rev. Dr. Lynn Acquafondata’s work, see her blog articles at: