Types of Services

 Individual Therapy 

Private one-on-one sessions for adults or children to address individual concerns. These can include anything from developing better coping skills, mental health issues, anxiety, depression, substance issues, relationship troubles, spiritual growth, behavioral issues, etc. 


Couples Counseling   

Addresses relationship issues within the couple dynamic. We are open and affirming, non-judgmental, and welcome all types of couples.  Some common issues couples face are marital conflict, infidelity, communication issues, infertility, spiritual conflict, parenting concerns, care-taking in illness and later life and many more. 


Family Therapy 

Address family system issues and dynamics. Some issues families face that we can work through in counseling are behavioral issues with children, developmental transitions, parenting teenagers, academic problems, parenting conflicts, separation/divorce, substance abuse, chronic illness.  


Group Therapy / Group Retreats

Involves several unrelated individuals addressing various issues (many of which are held in common) with the facilitation of a therapist. Ask about which groups we are hosting currently or check the home page. Group Rates are different than individual rates.  Common issues addressed in groups are Grief, Interpersonal Problems, Coping with Chronic Pain or Illness.


  Spiritual Guidance 

Some clients are looking for more guidance than psychotherapy. In this case, spiritual or other types of guidance can be provided with one-on-one sessions with the counselor to help promote spiritual clarity and understanding, lessen spiritual distress, and discover spiritual peace. Some clients also like to work through issues they have had with previous religious or spiritual experiences or confusion. 


If you're not sure if we offer what you're looking for or work with your exact concern, give us a call and find out!